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Local Appliance Repair Service in Arlington Heights

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Same Day Appliance Repair 

For over 35 years AAX Repair has been offering same day appliance repair services in Arlington Heights! We have the experience and the knowledge on all makes and brands of appliances to help you out with whatever you need! Our local appliance technicians are constantly training and on the newest and best ways to repair all major brands of appliances. AAX Repair also boasts: 

  • Local technicians living in and around Arlington Heights
  • 37 Years of Expert Knowledgeable service
  • $20 off your repair with service 
  • On time service calls
  • Honest evaluations of your appliances
  • Commercials and Business Appliance Repair!

Your appliances need a technician you can trust. When something breaks or goes down in your home in Arlington Heights make sure you rely on the technicians that matter! Call us today to work with the most honest and trusted repair company you can find: 


Local Appliance Repair Service Arlington Heights

Appliances are one of those things in our home that we never think about when they are working properly, but are deeply affected when they are not.  That is why AAX Repair is here to help!  For over 35 years we have repaired all appliance makes and models for homeowners and commercial businesses all over Arlington Heights, Illinois.  We have local technicians that can make sure to be there when you need us in an emergency or when you need to stick to your schedule.  We constantly are training on the best and newest techniques to fix your appliances so you are back up and running as quickly and as best as possible.

It is important to recognize when an appliance might need service.  This can help you identify whether you need to call our local repair technician in Arlington Heights, Illinois to look and repair your appliances. If you catch a problem with an appliance early, this prevents damage over time and can help you retain the lifespan of your appliances.  Here are some things to look out for which can help you indicate whether an appliance is having a problem: 

  1. Strange Noises:  When you are in your home do you hear your appliances making strange noises?  Is your fridge growling at you for no reason? Does your oven sound like it stops working when it is heating? These noises are an indication that you might need an appliance repair technician to come out and take a look to see if there is a problem that can be fixed. 
  2. Not Turning On:  When you turn on your appliances are they working right away?  How many times does it take to start the pilot lite on your range before the flame starts burning?  How many times does your dishwasher require to push the start button?  If you are doing these things multiple times this is another sign that your appliances should be looked at by a local appliance repair technician. 
  3.  Running Multiple Times:  If you are running your dryer multiple times before your clothes are dry, or washing your dishes three or four times before your dishes are cleaned this is an indication that something is wrong with your appliances.  Call a local appliance repair expert to come and take a look. 
Appliance Repair Arlington Heights
Male Worker Installing Oven For Repairing While Young Woman Standing In Kitchen
Dishwasher with clean cups inside close-up. Inside of dishwaher machine
washing machine & clothes dryer repair
Technician Repairing Washing Machine
Gas stove with stainless tray selling in appliance retail store,

4.  Increased Electric Bills: If your home suddenly sees a spike in an electric bill or gas bill this might indicate that your appliances are broken as well. If you see a sudden increase in the expenditure in your home based on your utility bills then this might indicate that your appliances are broken as well.  If there is an unexplained hike in your utility bill cost then let a local appliance repair service come out and take a look. 

5. Pooling Water:  If your appliance has a puddle of water in front of it then you should call an appliance repair technician as soon as possible.  Water leaking is definitely a sign of appliance problem.  If you notice your fridge, washer, or dishwasher leaking water then call an appliance repair service right away so they can help get your appliance back working again in no time. 

 Average Life Expectancy Of Appliances in Arlington Heights, Illinois 

One of the hardest decision with any appliance repair is whether to repair or to replace a broken appliance.  In order to help make the choice easier for you, A-Appliance Xperts is dedicated to giving you the best information about appliances in Arlington Heights so you can choose what is best for your home and family.  Appliance life expectancy is dependant on the appliance, make and model, and the amount of time you use the appliance.  Use these as guidelines not absolute terms on an average basis: 

  • Dishwashers – 9 Years 
  • Garbage Disposals – 12 Years
  • Dryers – 13 Years 
  • Freezers – 10-20 Years 
  • Gas Ovens – 10-18 years 
  • Ranges – 14 years 
  • Electric Ranges – 13-15 years 
  • Gas Ranges – 15-17 years 
  • Refrigerators – 9-13 years 
  • Washing Machines – 5-15 years 

Repairing your appliances will help make them work like new again and increase the life expectancy of the units you decide to repair.  Furthermore, it is cheaper to repair than to replace an appliance except in certain situations based on the value of your appliance.  A-Appliance Xpert\’s technicians will always give you the best advice on whether to repair an appliance or replace them. Trust our technicians to give you upfront, honest, and expert advice on each of your appliances! 



What our customers are saying:

\”The office called 1/2 before the technician came to my house to fix my dryer. Dino was extremely polite and knew what he was doing. My dryer was fixed within 20 minutes. He even told me about the coupon for $10 off on the repair. Will use him again.” – P Goczeski

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\”technician was good, my tenant has not had any issues with the dryer. I would call again several times. I have been a customer for 5 years.”- GILBERT


\”always nervous to have appliance guy come out. Not sure how I got the number for these guys. Called this morning, they were out within a few hours. They gave me a three hour window and also called when the tech was 30 min, away. Can\’t ask for better communication that that. Technician was very good and really took his time with my kitchenaid stove. He was very careful not to scratch my hardwood floors. I was completely satisfied with the service, and I will call a appliance xperts next time I need service. thx” – M.K.

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Learn more about your appliances below!  We have created an entire section on our site dedicated to the town of Arlington Heights and the residents and businesses that live and work in the area! When you know more about how appliances work or break down, or what to look out for when they are, you can make better decisions for your home and the appliances you use.  Read our helpful articles below about your appliances now or if you know you need an appliance looked at today call us now: 844-292-6646

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