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Sub Zero Repair


Sub Zero Appliance Repair 
Campton Hills

*Not combined with any other offer.  MUST mention coupon AT TIME of service!

Why Choose AAX Repair for your Sub Zero Repair Needs?

AAX Repair has been repairing Sub Zero Refrigerators and Sub Zero Wine Chillers throughout the Campton Hills Illinois area for over 45 years!  Our technicians are constantly trained and on the newest and most efficient ways to repair all makes and years of these amazing refrigerators. When you choose AAX Repair you are choosing a company who has the experience and industry knowledge necessary to get the job done. We also offer the following:

  • $20 off with repair! (can NOT combine other offers)
  • Fast response with multiple part suppliers for quick repairs
  • Local fleet in the Campton Hills area ready to help
  • Multiple 5 star reviews
  • Inspections and Honest evaluations of your other appliances
  • On-going Training from Sub-Zero

AAX Repair is proud to be a trusted Sub Zero appliance repair company providing same day service in Campton Hills and surrounding suburbs! Call us today:


When it comes to quality and technology, Sub Zero is the true pioneer in the industry. In fact, Sub Zero has pioneered the art and science of food preservation since 1945. This iconic American brand is family owned and operated in Madison Wisconsin. They offer truly flexible designs to compliment any home decor. Looking for longevity in an appliance? These refrigerators offer lifespans of 20 years. In the event that your Sub Zero isn’t running properly call the experts at AAX for repair today. Our technicians are highly trained to service Sub Zero Refrigerators, Sub Zero Wine Chillers as well as the under-counter Sub Zero refrigerator units. 

Signs Your Sub Zero Fridge Might Need Repair

  1. Your food is expiring before the expiration date – If your food is spoiling before the expiration date that is printed on the packing this can mean your temperature gauge is broken or your fridge is breaking down.
  2. Electric bill difference – If you notice an increase or decrease in your electric bills, without changing your living habits, this is a sign that fridge is overworking. 
  3. Ice crystals in your fridge – Check the fridge’s internal temperature settings.  If you are seeing ice on your food, drawers, shelves, and walls in your fridge this signals it is time for your unit to be inspected.  Also, if your freezer resembles the North Pole then that is an indication there is a problem as well. 
  4. Water on the floor in front of the fridge – If your constantly cleaning a puddle that forms in front of your fridge then this is a sign that your fridge is not working properly. 
  5. Noises –  Fridges make noise when they run, however, if there is knocking noises, squealing noises, or the humming stops and starts all the time then this can be a problem with your motor shaft or condenser fan. 
  6. More than 10 years old –  If your refrigerator is more than 10 years old, then these things are going to start happening to you. AAX Repair can come in and make sure your favorite fridge runs like new again!

Our Appliance Repair Company is proud to guarantee ALL of our Sub Zero appliance repair service with a 90 Days Parts Warranty and 30 Days Labor Guarantee (unless otherwise indicated on the invoice). We are available for Sub Zero repair 7 days a week. Our vans are fully stocked with the most common refrigeration replacement parts and materials.  (*depending on the brand of refrigerator you own, parts may need to be specially ordered)

When an AAX technician is performing a repair on your Sub Zero refrigerator they will also work to clean the condenser and inspect the following components:

  • Evaporator drains/pan
  • Fan motor
  • Evaporator fan motor
  • Coils (and frost pattern)
  • Temperature
  • Light operation
  • Door gaskets, alignment and hinges. 


AAX Repair is available 24/7 for Sub Zero repairs throughout the Campton Hills.

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