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At A-Appliance Xperts we strive to be upfront with every facet of your appliance repair project, that includes being upfront about our service charge, as well as the costs of appliance parts, materials, and supplies. Once our technician has successfully diagnosed your appliance repair need, they will discuss your options in regards to the repair. One of the items they will discuss with you is the cost of the parts and materials.

The parts and materials to repair and refurbish your broken appliance is the lifeline of the appliance repair business, and generally something we can’t control. In an attempt to offer fast and affordable appliance repair service, we stock the most commonly-used parts and supplies in our vehicles. The cost of the item includes the price to inventory the item and to keep it in stock, including ordering the item, freight, handling, delivery from the supplier, and the warranty.

A-Appliance Xperts will try to keep the cost of parts, materials, and supplies to a reasonable minimum. We do our very best to pass along any savings to our customers.


Sales tax is collected on all physical parts, materials & supplies used to repair your broken appliance, in ordinance and required by IL, WI, and IN state law. We do not charge a tax on the labor or service portion of the appliance repair job. Tax is only collected on the physical parts & materials.

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