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Appliance Repair Service – Algonquin Illinois

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Our Appliance Repair Services Available in Algonquin

We provide appliance repair for both residential and commercial appliances such as: 

washing machine & clothes dryer

Washing Machine & Clothes Dryers

Our team of appliance professionals are available to inspect, service and repair any make and model of clothes dryers and washing machines. 


Dishwasher Repair

Whether it is a residential unit or a commercial grade dishwasher, our experts can fix it. 

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Same day refrigerator repair may be available in Algonquin. Call today to schedule service. 

Oven, Stove, and Range Repair

Oven, Stove, and Range Repair

We have been repairing all your cooktop and oven makes and models for over 35 years. 

Why Choose AAX Repair for your appliance repair needs in Algonquin?

AAX Repair has been the #1 choice for appliance repair in Algonquin and the surrounding Chicagoland area for over 35 years!  Our highly trained appliance technicians are up to date on the newest and most efficient ways to repair all major brands of appliances. AAX Repair also boasts: 

  • 5 star reviews on Google 
  • Local technicians throughout Northern Illinois
  • 37+ Years of Expert Knowledgeable service
  • $20 off your repair with service 
  • Honest evaluations of your appliances
  • Residential and Commercial appliance repair 

Whether it is commercial appliance repair or a quick repair in your home, A-Appliance Xperts is there when you need us! Call us today to work with the most honest and trusted repair company you can find: 


Local Appliance Repair Service in Algonquin Illinois

Appliances are one of those things in our home that we never think about when they are working properly, but are deeply affected when they are not.  That is why A-Appliance Xperts is here to help!  For over 35 years we have repaired all appliance makes and models in Algonquin for commercial businesses and residential homeowners.  No one knows appliances like we do.  We constantly are training on the best and newest techniques to fix your appliances so you are back up and running as quickly and as best as possible.

It is important to recognize the signs that indicate an appliance might be in need of service or repair.  Below we provide you with a list of some common signs to note. We believe this can help you identify whether you need to call our local repair technician in Burbank Illinois area to look at and even repair your appliances. Catching a problem with an appliance early, can help prevents further damage and can help you retain the lifespan of your appliance. 

  1. Strange Noises:  Anytime an appliance starts making unusual noises is generally a good time to contact us. Sounds that indicate trouble are usually described as: gurgling, rumbling, and grinding. 
  2. Not Turning On:  When you turn on your appliances are they working right away?  How many times does it take to start the pilot lite on your range before the flame starts burning?  How many times does your dishwasher require to push the start button?  If you are doing these things multiple times this is another sign that your appliances should be looked at by a local appliance repair technician. 
  3. Multiple Run Times:  If you are running your dryer multiple times before your clothes are dry, or washing your dishes three or four times before your dishes are cleaned this is an indication that something is wrong with your appliances.  
  4.  Increase in Electric or Gas Bills: If you suddenly see a spike in an electric bill or gas bill this might indicate that your appliances are not working efficiently or correctly.
  5. Water Pooling:  If your appliance has a puddle of water in front of it then you should call an appliance repair technician as soon as possible.  Water leaking is definitely a sign of appliance problem.  If you notice your fridge, washer, or dishwasher leaking water then call us today.
Appliance brands serviced

Our technicians offer appliance repair throughout the Evergreen Park area and commonly service the following appliance brands: Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana, Kitchen Aid, Fridgidaire, GE, LG, Sub Zero, Wolf, Kenmore, Bosche and Samsung. Call today to learn!

 Average Life Expectancy Of Appliances in Algonquin, IL.

Home and business owners throughout Algonquin are commonly forced to make a hard decision when an appliance breaks down, “do we fix it or replace it?” In order to help make the choice easier for you, A-Appliance Xperts is dedicated to giving you the best information about your particular appliances, as not all makes and models are created equally. In addition to keeping the brand model of your appliance under consideration, we also must look at other factors. We will determine exactly what is broken on your appliance, but also look at the age of the equipment. Appliance life expectancy is dependent on the appliance, make and model, and the amount of time you use the appliance.  Use these as guidelines not absolute terms on an average basis: 

  • Dishwashers – 9 Years 
  • Garbage Disposals – 12 Years
  • Dryers – 13 Years 
  • Freezers – 10-20 Years 
  • Gas Ovens – 10-18 years 
  • Ranges – 14 years 
  • Electric Ranges – 13-15 years 
  • Gas Ranges – 15-17 years 
  • Refrigerators – 9-13 years 
  • Washing Machines – 5-15 years 


Learn more about specific appliances below! Here we breakdown the necessary information regarding each individual appliance we commonly repair. Read our helpful articles below about your appliances now or if you know you need an appliance looked at today call us at: 844-292-6646. Same day service may be available!

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