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Washing machine
& clothes dryer repair & replacement

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Why Choose AAX Repair?

If you need your washing machine or dryer repaired or replaced call AAX Repair! We have been servicing residents in Skokie, Illinois for over 38 years. Our technicians are highly trained and certified and can help with all of your washing machine and dryer repair and replacement services. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or for more information on how we can help you at 844-292-6646.

AAX Repair also boasts: 

  • $20 off with repair service (can NOT be combined with other offers)
  • Access to multiple part suppliers  
  • An entire fleet ready to help you
  • Knowledge and experience 
  • 5 star reviews
  • Honest evaluations of your appliances

Call us today to work with the most honest and trusted repair company you can find:


Sings Your Washing Machine Needs Repair 

When our washing machine breaks or stops working properly a lot of us automatically assume it needs to be replaced. However, a majority of the time it might only need to be repaired. Before you go out and purchase a brand new washing machine make sure to call your local appliance repair service in Skokie, Illinois and have it inspected. Having your washing machine repaired is less expensive then buying a new one and will end up saving you a lot of money. If you are not sure if your washing machine needs to be repaired or replaced, look out for the these signs:

  1. Loud Noise – If your washing machine is making extremely loud sounds, then try leveling your laundry. Sometimes if your laundry is uneven it could cause your washing machine to become off balance. If that does not work then you might have a problem with the drum or motor and an appliance repair expert should come out and take a look.
  2. Water Doesn’t Fill – Water not filling the drum of your washer could mean that there is something wrong with your water hose or that the cycle could be delayed. If you are having these issues then call your local Skokie Illinois technician to help!
  3. Stops Spinning – you might need to replace the belt if the drum stops spinning during each cycle. If that doesn’t work, then call a professional to inspect your washing machine and see if there are any other problems going on.
  4. Extra Water – there should not be extra water at the end of each cycle. If you have a lot of extra water then your drain hose could be clogged. Check your hose to see if this is causing the problem. 
Dryer Repair
Business of industrial laundry machines in launderette store

Sings Your Dryer Needs Repair Skokie

washing machine repair
washing machine & clothes dryer repair

Knowing when your dryer needs to be repaired is very important. Many people don’t watch out for signs that their clothes dryer needs to be repaired before it’s to late. Knowing the signs could save you money by not having to replace your dryer and making your dryer work more efficiently.

  1. Takes longer to dry – if your laundry is taking more than one cycle to dry then there could be something wrong with your dryer. Ignoring the problem will make it worse and might cost you to buy a new dryer.
  2. Hot to touch – it is a serious problem if your dryer is hot to touch when it is running, this is a serious problem because it can cause a fire to start in your home. You need to call your local technician in Skokie to have it checked out right away.
  3. Unusual Sounds – if your dryer is making loud and unfamiliar sounds then you should have it inspected. There could be something wrong with the drum or a part may be loose. If you are unsure where the sounds are coming from then you should contact your local appliance repair professional to have it inspected. 

Washing Machine and Dryer Replacement

It is important to know when to get your washing machine or dryer repaired so you can fix any issues right away. If you ignore the issues they will become bigger issues and more expensive to fix. If you let issues go by ignoring them or don’t watch out for the warning signs above, you might need to replace your entire washing machine or dryer. A washing machine usually lasts about 14 years and a dryer can last up to 10-15 years. If you need to replace your washing machine or dryer in Skokie, Illinois contact A-AAX Repair. We can help you find the best washing machine or dryer for your home. Newer models can be energy efficient and end up saving you money over time.

Appliance Repair Services

Below are more appliance repairs we offer in Skokie, Illinois! We created helpful articles so you know exactly what to look for when your appliances have stopped working properly. After reading these helpful articles you’ll be able to prevent problems from happening to your appliances in the future because you’ll know exactly what to watch out for! If you have any questions or need one of your appliances looked at today call us at: 844-292-6646

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