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Icemaker Repair
Arlington Heights

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Local Fridge Repair

When it comes to refrigerators, no one knows more than AAX Repair!  It doesn’t matter the make or model of fridge, we are the number one local refrigerator repair service in Arlington Heights. We have trained fridge repair technicians ready to help you so you can get your broken refrigerator working again.  This is why you should trust the fridge repair experts at AAX Repair:

  • Honest evaluations of your appliances
  • $20 off with repair! (can NOT combine other offers)
  • Fast response with multiple part suppliers
  • Local Technicians serving Arlington Heights
  • Experience and knowledge you can rely on
  • Multiple 5 star reviews

We know that choosing the right appliance repair service in Arlington Heights can be a tough choice.  We can make it easy, call the experts at A Appliance Xperts now: 


Refrigerator Brands We Commonly Repair

  • Amana
  • Bosch 
  • Electrolux
  • Fisher & Paykel 
  • Frigidaire
  • Haier
  • Kenmore
  • KitchenAid
  • LG 
  • Maytag
  • Miele 
  • Samsung
  • Sharp 
  • Siemens
  • Sub-Zero
  • Viking
  • Walton 
  • Whirlpool 
  • And Many More!

Local Fridge Repair Services

***Regardless if it is a residential or commercial fridge repair, always trust a local appliance repair service to do the job.  Most commonly people choose to watch youtube videos, and even though all refrigerators are supposed to work the same, they were not all built the same.  Depending on your refrigerator’s make and model there are different parts, wiring, and more and online videos will not give you the whole story or can be completely wrong! ***

AAX Repair has been serving Arlington Heights for over 37 years and helping all homeowners and business owners with all of their refrigerator problems. View our page here to find out how to spot if there is something wrong with your fridge!   Our technicians are consistently training in order to repair the newest and latest makes and models of refrigerators.  Working in Arlington Heights, we have seen all the issues a refrigerator can have problems with.  Here are the most common problems people in Arlington Heights face with their refrigerators: 

  1. Temperatures:  One of the biggest problems most residents and commercial businesses have with the refrigerators is temperature control.  It is important for a refrigerator to maintain a proper temperature because it will affect food safety. Most makes and models of refrigerators are independently tested to ensure they keep the same temperature throughout the entire unit consistently.  Temperature problems with your refrigerator can be caused by any number of problems.  If you notice your food is warm, or if you think that your fridge is not cold enough, and you have tested your refrigerator with a thermometer, call a local refrigerator repair technician so they can ensure that you are not sacrificing food quality or safety. 
  2. Ice Maker is not Working: Another common problem people in Arlington Heights have reported is that their ice makers are not working in the freezer.  There are several reasons that an ice maker might not be working; anything from faulty wiring, to the water line not getting into the freezer.  Most refrigerator models come with an automatic ice maker, that is why calling a professional freezer repair service in Arlington Heights is the best move.  By messing with the ice maker yourself you can seriously damage the freezer and automatic ice maker worse than it might be damaged already. 




3. Pools of Water: A lot of homeowners and business owners in the local Arlington Heights area also report that there are pools of water that appear in front of their fridges. This problem can happen when the fridge starts leaking from the water line, or that the ice in the freezer is melting because of temperature problems. This could also be a problem with other parts such as leaking coolant and more.  Water pooling in front of the fridge is never a good sign so call a local refrigerator repair technician as soon as possible. 

4. Fridge is Making Strange Noises:  One of the best ways to spot if an appliance is starting to have problems is whether the unit is making strange noises they have never heard before.  If you are around your home and your fridge starts making strange noises that you have never heard before then call a local refrigerator repair technician in your area.  This precaution can prevent something major from happening down the line. 

5. Fridge Is Simply Not Working:  Finally, the last common call we hear in Arlington Heights is when a refrigerator simply isn’t working.  There are too many reasons or causes for a refrigerator to just stop working all together to list here.  If you have a fridge repair emergency call a local appliance repair service in your area to help.  AAX repair has local technicians in Arlington Heights on call to help with all appliance repair emergencies. 

Front View of Modern side by side Stainless Steel Refrigerator .

What our customers are saying:

“Carlos was right on about the problem we had with an older fridge and remedied it quickly. If needed will use your services again. The price was very reasonable in this day and age!” – Charles Jucha 

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technician did an outstanding job, he was great, I also had a different technician, Leo fix my refrigerator. I would call them again for service. My appliances are working fine.” – Kuchuris


“Had Terry from A-Appliance Xperts out to fix my mom’s refrigerator he was awesome, knowledgeable of machine explained, explained everything to us and gave her a great price, Refrigerator works great would definitely use them again.” – John H.

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